IS Geeks360?

Here at the Geeks 360°, we push the limits of smart web development, resultative marketing strategy, and innovative design to bring our clients unmatched services tailored to their specific needs. No matter what stage of development your project is in – whether it’s in the initial stages of web development or finalizing web content, our team of experts provide personalized solutions that really deliver.

Our approach to developing and expanding your business web presence is grounded in the small beginnings of our agency, where we first set ourselves apart from the competition by balancing innovative design and passionate storytelling. We are a “one-stop” location for all your digital needs.

We’ve grown by leaps and bounds, not only in our capabilities but also across the globe Today our expanding team of creative professionals from around the world offer a range of specialized skills for everything from design, web and mobile development, e-commerce development, to online marketing solutions.



Unlike other digital marketing consultancies, the Geeks 360° doesn’t take a “one size fits all” approach to the problems our clients face. Every client we work with, no matter the size, is given a specialized recommendation based on their target audience and particular vision for their brand. Utilizing our expertise across all areas of development, marketing and design, our clients can enhance their web presence and create a brand identity that truly makes an impression.

The Geeks 360° focus has always been expertise and innovation. We’re not looking for cookie-cutter solutions to package and sell to every client—when you put your web presence in the hands of our team of creative minds, you can trust you’ll see measurable results. That’s because we work to ensure that our team is always up-to-date on the latest trends and research about all things related to our specialties: digital marketing, web development, and design.

Our packages are aimed at enhancing the features your company is lacking while keeping your budget in mind—clients can take advantage of our expansive list of services, crafting the ideal package based on their particular needs. We understand that burgeoning businesses have to stick to the bottom line, so we work hard to ensure that our services are attainable for all clients, no matter their size. With the Geeks 360°, you can trust that your business is in good hands.





We tackle each project with a focused 2-step process that includes building a strong foundation and developing an effective marketing strategy for your business. Within each step, we have developed specialized processes that our team relates to your particular problem or need.

The first step in building any web presence calls for an outstanding platform for your—we call this the “foundation” or base. In most cases, this includes traditional website and app design and development in combination with the creation of SEO-friendly content that drives traffic to your site.

While creating a personalized plan of action for your foundation, our team utilizes multiple processes to ensure a fully developed platform;

  1. Goal identification: discuss the long-term goals for both your company and your website
  2. Project architecture development: craft a detailed sitemap
  3. Design: create user-friendly interfaces that enhance your customer’s experience
  4. Web development: put the plan to action by creating your actual platform/app
  5. Content creation: SEO keyword-enriched content helps drive traffic and ensure your customers find what they need
  6. Launch: bring your web dreams to life with a responsive, rich platform that exceeds expectations

Once we have established a great platform for your business, our goal is to help you thrive. The second step focuses entirely on all things digital marketing. Within this step, we’ve defined several key processes to ensure that your site produces great results.

  1. Developing an effective digital marketing strategy: consider obstacles facing the current marketing strategy to find areas of improvement, identify target customers and develop a monthly investment plan
  2. Generate more traffic: consider all methods of improving traffic to the site from social media marketing to pay-per-clicks (PPCs)
  3. Convert traffic to leads: create effective calls to action that attract potential buyers
  4. Turn leads into sales: from email marketing, to lead intelligence and CRM integration (if needed)
  5. Metrics matter: we measure everything from traffic stats to PPC costs/rates, social media audience size growth and number of email subscribers—numbers are essential to our strategy

Meet The Team

Darya Neyburger CEO Geeks 360

Darya Neyburger


Dmytro Volokh

Online Marketing Director

Andrey Kachur

Software Engineer /Dev. Team manager
Lauren Sedbon

Lauren Sedbon

Marketing Manager

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