Your brand elements is who you are


3 elements that define your brand


When people make a purchase decision, they don’t do it because they like you nor because you offer a better deal- they do it because of how you make them feel. And branding has a huge impact on this feeling. From the company name & message to the design element- colors, font, and logo. All are part of what generates feelings towards a brand.


These elements have a psychological effect on our brain and they affect the way our clients perceive our brand, with or without being aware. For example, researchers show how different colors can be appealing to different audiences. By simply using the right color even, a business can gain a competitive advantage. Logo, font and other elements have similar effects.


As an entrepreneur, the first thing you need to do, before spending one more dollar on advertising to create your company identity elements and make sure they are consistent through all your channels. Your brand defines who you are.


Font- while people tend to forget about the font the typography you choose can actually have an impact on how people perceive your brand: formal, cheap, sophisticated, vintage or classic. When creating your band think about the message you want to deliver and use the right font to convey it to the world.


Color- colors have a psychological effect on brands likelihood: bright colors are usually liked by the younger audiences and pink for women. But more aspects of color create negative or positive impact, such as mood and the connection between the color to the product you sell. Research shows how choosing the right color to generate a competitive advantage for companies. When choosing your brand color thing about your audience and the feeling you want to create.


Now before you make a decision, consider that color is the hardest thing to change while the brand is established


Logo- when people think about brands, one of the first things that come to their mind will be your company logo. Logo should be simple, sophisticated and smart. It should be recognizable but also outstanding. In fact, the logo is one of the most important decision you will have to make, while logo may change over time, the basic idea is to stay and link directly to your brand identity.


Your brand elements define who you are.



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