Size Matters – 10 Tips to Help Optimize Your Web Performance

Size Matters – 10 Tips to Help Optimize Your Web Performance   We’ve all been there,the website you want to browse suddenly halts to a stop, with the page seemingly never fully loading. Frustrating, isn’t it? If you run an online store, blog, or website of any kind, you know the importance of website optimization […]

Just Started New Business – Now What?

Just Started New Business – Now What?   You decided to start your own new business, congratulations! The good news is that you have taken the first, and most difficult step by making the big decision. Once the excitement of pursuing your dream wears off, it’s time to get serious about your plan of action. […]

E-Commerce – Sweet Success

How to Find “Sweet Success” in Your Next E-Commerce Initiative   Think about the biggest examples of e-commerce success stories- what companies come to mind? Amazon, Overstock, Wayfair? Now consider: what do they have that you don’t? Sure, some might point to their years of established business and seemingly never-ending cash flow. While those factors […]

Your brand elements is who you are

  3 elements that define your brand   When people make a purchase decision, they don’t do it because they like you nor because you offer a better deal- they do it because of how you make them feel. And branding has a huge impact on this feeling. From the company name & message to […]

5 things TO DO or NOT TO DO-for effective social media marketing

5 things TO DO or NOT TO DO – for effective social media marketing DO– Hashtags, yes use hashtags. But, Before you even start, create your list of hashtags in advance, save yourself the need to think and write them over and over again. Consider, you can use 30 hashtags per post so use them […]

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