Case Study PPC 


Rx For Less is an online platform that helps users find discounts on prescription medications. 

The service allows you to compare prices at different pharmacies, offering up to 90% off on


The  Challenge

Rx For Less operates as an affiliate client in the highly competitive pharmacy niche, where most of the profitable, targeted keywords come at a premium cost. 

The primary challenge for Geeks360 was to lower the Cost Per Conversion (CPC) without compromising on the quality of leads. 

Given the expensive nature of high-performing keywords in this sector, achieving a lower

CPC while maintaining or increasing conversions posed a significant hurdle.

Strategy  and Execution

Keyword Identification

We zeroed in on high-volume yet less competitive keywords to strike a balance between cost and


Ad Creation

We crafted ads with compelling call-to-actions specifically designed to drive conversions.

Budget and Performance Optimization

An initial budget was allocated for testing, and ongoing monitoring allowed for resource

reallocation to the most effective elements of the campaign.

Analytics Integration

We integrated essential analytics tools to provide real-time data, enabling rapid adjustments to

the campaign as required.

Minimizing Bot Activity

We employed advanced filters and algorithms to reduce bot activity, ensuring that clicks and

conversions were genuine.

This comprehensive strategy aimed to lower the Cost Per Conversion while effectively navigating

a competitive and costly keyword environment.


Number of Clicks:

  • First 2 Weeks: 500
  • Next 2 Weeks: 1,200
  • Growth: 140%

Cost Per Conversion:

  • First 2 Weeks: $20
  • Next 2 Weeks: $10
  • Decrease: 50%

Conversion Rate:

  • First 2 Weeks: 2%
  • Next 2 Weeks: 5.42%
  • Increase: 171%

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