R1 Coffee is a specialty coffee shop located in Boca Raton, FL, and the company needed to establish a strong brand identity and promote the shop to attract customers. The main challenge was creating a unique brand image that would stand out in a competitive market and appeal to coffee enthusiasts. Additionally, the company needed to create an online presence and an e-commerce platform to expand its reach and increase sales.


Our team at Geeks360 worked closely with the R1 Coffee team to conduct branding research and develop a comprehensive brand identity. We also designed a website for their e-commerce platform, allowing customers to purchase coffee beans and merchandise online. Additionally, we created a social media presence for the brand and designed a mobile app to enhance customer engagement and experience. We also handled all internal printed branding for the coffee shop, including menus and packaging.

Results: Our efforts paid off, as R1 Coffee was able to establish a strong brand image and attract customers from all over the area. The e-commerce platform and mobile app helped increase sales and reach a wider audience. The social media presence and internal printed branding helped increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. We invite you to come check out our branding at R1 Coffee, located at 3200 N Federal Hwy #106, Boca Raton, FL 33431 and try a cup of great coffee. 

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