Monster Cloud - PPC case Study

Case Study PPC 


Geeks360, a premier provider of PPC services, partnered with Monster Cloud, a leading cybersecurity company specializing in ransomware recovery and managed cyber security services.Monster Cloud is known for its comprehensive platform that provides businesses with both the technology and expertise needed to defend against cyber threats. Despite its strong market presence, Monster Cloud faced challenges with its existing PPC campaigns, which had high clicks and spending but low conversions and poor lead quality. This case study outlines the significant improvements achieved within two months of campaign restructuring by Geeks360.

The  Challenge

Monster Cloud had an old ad account that was generating a lot of clicks and high spend but was suffering from low conversions and poor-quality leads. The challenge was restructuring the existing ad campaigns to improve these key performance indicators.

Strategy  and Execution

Keyword Identification
We zeroed in on high-volume yet less competitive keywords to balance cost and conversions.
Fraud Reduction:
One of the first steps was to implement advanced algorithms and filters to minimize fraudulent clicks and bot activity, ensuring that the budget was spent on genuine, convertible clicks.
Conversion Rate Optimization:
We crafted compelling ad copies and landing pages aimed at converting clicks into quality leads.A/B testing was conducted to identify the most effective strategies.
Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Improvement:
By changing the campaign strategy and employing manual bidding techniques, we were able to significantly lower the CPA while maintaining or even improving the quality of leads.
Budget Optimization:
Continuous monitoring and real-time analytics allowed us to fine-tune the budget allocation, directing more resources to high-performing campaigns and cutting spend on underperforming ones.

  • Spend: Decreased by 27%
  • Number of Conversions: Increased by 43%
  • Conversion Rate: Increased by 83%
  • Cost Per Conversion: Decreased by 49%

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