5 things TO DO or NOT TO DO – for effective social media marketing on a low budget

When it comes to marketing all the information out there can be a bit overwhelming. You must be consistent with all of your marketing such as the various social media channels you use. As an entrepreneur, especially for small business owners, you have neither the time to learn nor the budget to invest.

To save you time- here are our 5 “do” and “don’ts” to improve your marketing results with being smart with the resources available to you.

    1. DO– create an email list of your clients/potential clients- email marketing campaigns are powerful and effective with the highest ROI’s.
      DO NOT– buy the email list from an unauthorized source or don’t even use someone’s email without his/ her permission- this is illegal.

    2. DO– use ad manager to create and manage your Facebook campaign
      DO NOT– use the “boost” button – this is a direct donation to Mark Zuckerberg, and honestly, we do not think he needs it 😉

    3. DO– use your email lists to create a custom audience on Facebook and to remarket to your client; it is easier to remarket to existing or potential clients than to attract a new one.
      DO NOT– if you have 1000 emails, do not put all of them in one list- instead, create a multiple custom audience to bring the right message to the right client and be smart!

    4. DO– create an Instagram page for your business, instead of using your personal one. And invite your friend to “like” and “share” your business page! This is called a multi-level marketing technique.
      DO NOT– If you are planning on organic growth you better not put it under “business profile” why? the algorithm of Instagram will reduce your organic growth to encourage you to spend more money on ads.

    5. DO– use “greed” app to create a beautiful Instagram page. choose your colors and similar filter consistent in all your pictures
      DO NOT– use different sizes of image, low-quality image and inconsistent colors.

We hope these tips were helpful to you. We will continue to share weekly tips to bring your business to the place you always dreamed about.