Client : Hummus Culture – Challenge

Hummus Culture is a brand new hummus restaurant that aimed to create a strong brand identity and promote their unique hummus dishes in a highly competitive market. The main challenge was creating awareness and interest among potential customers and differentiating the restaurant from other Middle Eastern restaurants. Additionally, the company needed to target a specific audience and showcase the unique flavors and ingredients of their hummus dishes.


Our team at Geeks360 worked closely with the Hummus Culture team to develop a comprehensive brand strategy that included unique designs and grids for social media channels. We also focused on creating high-quality, engaging content that highlighted the unique flavors and ingredients of their hummus dishes. We also partnered with food bloggers and influencers to promote the brand and reach the target audience. Additionally, we used targeted social media advertising to reach potential customers and drive foot traffic to the restaurant.

Results: Our efforts paid off, as the Hummus Culture social media channels saw a significant increase in followers and engagement. Additionally, our targeted advertising campaigns helped drive foot traffic to the restaurant and increase brand awareness among the target audience. Through our cost-effective and targeted approach, we were able to help Hummus Culture establish a strong social media presence, increase awareness and drive sales among potential customers.

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