Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers

Case Study SEO


Geeks360, a leading provider of SEO services, partnered with United Recovery Project, a luxury drug and alcohol rehabilitation center located in South Florida and California. United Recovery Project offers comprehensive care with a low client-to-staff ratio, focusing on individualized treatment plans to lay the foundation for lasting recovery. Despite its strong offerings, the center faced challenges with its online presence, which Geeks360 was brought in to address.

The  Challenge

United Recovery Project accepts only private insurance, narrowing down their target audience. The project had undergone various changes in the past that negatively affected traffic and even led to the deletion of some landing pages. The challenge was to reanimate the project, correct errors, and improve its online visibility.

Strategy  and Execution

Competitor Analysis:
A deep research of competitors was conducted to understand the market landscape and identify opportunities for differentiation.

Focus on Converting Traffic:
Special attention was given to optimizing the website for traffic that would not just visit but also convert, aligning with the client’s unique requirement of accepting only private insurance.

Professional Medical Content:
Content for the website was professionally written by a doctor who specialized in the rehab niche, ensuring credibility and authority in the information presented.

Backlink Outreach Strategy:
A comprehensive backlink outreach strategy was implemented to improve the website’s domain authority and search engine rankings.


Traffic Increase:
The website saw a significant increase in traffic, which has continued to grow.

Open Opportunities:
The number of valuable leads, or open opportunities, saw a notable increase, indicating a higher conversion rate.

Local SEO:
There was a marked improvement in Local SEO rankings, making the center more visible to local searches and thereby increasing the potential for local admissions.

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