5 things TO DO or NOT TO DO-for effective social media marketing

5 things TO DO or NOT TO DO – for effective social media marketing

  1. DO– Hashtags, yes use hashtags. But, Before you even start, create your list of hashtags in advance, save yourself the need to think and write them over and over again. Consider, you can use 30 hashtags per post so use them wisely.
    DO NOT– Don’t go for hashtags that are too general but also not too specific- when creating your hashtag list search for hashtags that have between 30,000-100,000 mentions (you can find under β€œtags”). It will ensure your post will stay on the top of the search but in hashtags that people will actually search for.
  2. DO– Create your own hashtag! And motivate your clients and followers to use it. Hashtag are extremely powerful and creating your hashtag is Part of your general brand culture or even just a specific campaign.
    DO NOT– Use a hashtag that already has been used. You think you found the most amazing viral hashtag? Make sure that no one previously used it before.
  3. DO– Facebook ads. Facebook has two amazing features- the customer audience and the lookalike audience, those allow you to create very accurate segmentation and reach the right client.
    DO NOT– If you just started your business don’t use these features. You need to have at least 100 client/ potential client or enough website visitors.
  4. DO– Follow, like and comment. If you want to grow your follower and post engagement the best way to do it is to follow and comment others that show interest in your field. How we find them? Find a leading Instagram blog/ twitter account (over 10k followers) and start to follow their followers. If your page content is appealing, shortly you will see how they start to follow you back.
    DO NOT– follow everyone. Only real people, better with less than 1000 followers.
  5. DO– Create a story. People love stories so while planning your social media strategy build a cohesive story that is consistent with your all channels.
    DO NOT– Use the same image for all your channel. Imagine how boring it will be to your best client to see the same picture three or four times. Instead- use the same message, different image.


We hope these tips were helpful to you. We will continue to share weekly tips to bring your business to the place you always dreamed about.


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