Client : 011 Global (formerly 12 Global) – Challange

011 Global (formerly 12 Global) is a company that provides international calling services. The company needed to establish a strong brand identity and promote their services in a highly competitive market. The main challenge was creating a unique brand image that would stand out in a crowded market and appeal to customers who frequently make international calls. The company also needed to create a mobile app that would make it easy for users to make international calls on-the-go.

The Solution

Our team at Geeks360 worked closely with the 011 Global team to conduct branding research and develop a comprehensive brand identity. We also designed and developed a mobile app that allows users to easily make international calls from their smartphones. We created hundreds of marketing materials, including email campaigns, PPC ads, printed materials, and all other branding related materials. We also handled all the UI/UX design for the mobile app and website.

Results: Our efforts paid off, as 011 Global was able to establish a strong brand image and attract customers looking for a convenient and affordable international calling service. The mobile app was well-received by users, who appreciated the ease and convenience of making international calls on-the-go. Our marketing materials and email campaigns helped increase brand awareness and drive sales. Our UI/UX design helped to create a user-friendly and intuitive interface that made it easy for customers to navigate and use the app.

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